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As a professor of physics and philosophy, Joy has spent her life exploring theories of space and time, but none of that has prepared her for the reality of watching cancer unravel her mother’s mind and body. As the hard work of care-taking begins to take its toll, she hires Anna, a hospice nurse, to help her mother. But when the rules of space and time no longer provide Joy the answers she needs, can Anna's simple lessons of how to care for another person help Joy knit the pieces of her life together again?

4 Women, 1 Man
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Mother/Daughter Relationship Powerfully Evoked by Topnotch Women’s Theatre
- John Townsend,

Production History:

Clurman Theatre, Theatre Row, NYC - 2018


Theatre Unbound, Minneapolis, MN​ - 2013


Runner Up - Excellence in Playwriting Award ATHE (2016)


Photo Credit: Michael Kushner

"Jennifer Blackmer’s remarkable and wrenching drama, Unraveled, paradoxically gleams with splendid wit. "

John Townsend,
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