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Alias Grace

Based on Margaret Atwood's novel, this stage adaptation of Alias Grace takes a look at one of Canada’s most notorious murderers. In 1843, 16-year-old Grace Marks was accused of brutally murdering her employer and his housekeeper. Imprisoned for years, Grace still swears she has no memory of the killings. A doctor in the emerging field of mental health arrives to try to find out the truth of the matter. Alias Grace is a fascinating study of memory, culpability, and the shadowy spaces within the human mind.
4 Women, 5 Men

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The Margaret Atwood Story of 'Alias Grace' Gets Inside Your Head - Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

Margaret Atwood's Searing Psychological Thriller Fit For The Stage - Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times


2018 Joseph Jefferson Award for New Adaptation (Rivendell Theatre Ensemble)


Photo Credit: Rivendell Theatre Ensemble

"...this is very deft dramatization from Blackmer."

Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune​
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