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Delicate Particle Logic

Heralded as the woman who stole the bomb from the Nazis, physicist Lise Meitner became a human enigma when she fled battle-ravaged Germany directly into obscurity. The war long over, she visits with the painter Edith Hahn, wife of chemist Otto Hahn, and the two women reminisce, open up old wounds, and dissect the teeming worlds of possibility. Blending art and science, Delicate Particle Logic depicts the untold stories of nuclear fission, both real and rumor.

2 Women, 3 Men
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"Great scientific discoveries, art and another unsung heroine of the 20th century are amply presented in this extraordinarily engaging production by prolific playwright, Jennifer Blackmer." - Susan Mulford, Boston and Beyond

Flat Earth’s ‘Delicate Particle Logic’ Artfully Examines Science, Truth - Michael Hoban, The Theatre Mirror New England Theatre Guide

Delicate Particle Logic (Flat Earth Theatre) - James Wilkinson, Rabbit Reviews Boston


Photo Credit: Flat Earth Theatre

"One of the impressive things about Jennifer Blackmer’s play is just how many plates she sets spinning before managing to pull it all together into a cohesive work. "

James Wilkinson, Rabbit Reviews Boston​
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