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Human Terrain

Mabry Hoffman, an anthropologist with The Human Terrain System, a real military initiative that embeds social scientists with combat units in Iraq and Afghanistan, is caught in the middle of an ethical dilemma as she tries to help a new friend.

3 Women, 6 Men

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Mesmerizing Human Terrain Is a Story That Needs to Be Told - Abigail Traube, Performink Chicago

Human Terrain - Justin Hayford, The Reader


Theatre Review: Human Terrain - Tony Farrell,


Finalist, Yale Drama Competition
Finalist, O'Neill National Playwrights' Conference

Semi-Finalist, Princess Grace Award in Playwriting
Selection for Playwrights' Week at The Lark


Human Terrain - Tribeca Film Institute

‘Human Terrain,’ ‘Burning Season’ Win Tribeca Film Institute Sloan Grants

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Photo Credit: Broken Nose Theatre

"Jennifer Blackmer’s script is a study in modern playwrighting. Blackmer has taken a subject that is still tearing our country apart and made it accessible, respectful, and absolutely mesmerizing in its structure and execution. "

Abigail Trabue, Performink Chicago
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